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2015 is coming to a close, and it's been a year filled with lots of exciting things. To close out the year we're doing one final big event and getting all of the biggest Wikia communities involved! Welcome to the Fan Choice Awards! Support your favorite things and let us know what you liked the most in 2015!

Voting will end on January 3 2016. Winners will be announced on January 4 2016.
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Game of the Year

Surprise / Sleeper Hit of the Year

Story of the Year

Character of the Year

Expansion / DLC of the Year


Best Plot Twist

Best Character You Love to Hate

Best New Show

Best Streaming Series

Best New Anime

Best Animated Show

Best TV Couple


Best Original Film

Best Family Friendly Movie

Best Reboot / Sequel

Best Fight Scene

Best Movie Heroine

Best Movie Hero

Books & Comics

Best Comic of the Year

Best YA Book of the Year

Best Book to Screen Adaptation

Best Comic Book Movie Adaptation

Best Comic Book TV Adaptation

Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book of the Year

Best Manga Series

Lifestyle & Music

Best New Song

Artist of the Year

Album of the Year

Best New Artist

Best New Food Trend

Best New Drink Trend

Most Fashionable Cast

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Thanks for voting! Make sure to share and rally support your favorites!

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