Suicide Squad, the third movie in the DCEU franchise, is coming out in U.S. theaters on August 5th. The movie is introducing a lot of never-before-seen characters to the big screen. Die-hard Suicide Squad fans are excited about a lot of their favorite characters showing up, but there are also a bunch of new faces who have never been involved with the Squad before. We thought it would be fun to see how some of these new kids stack up against old characters in the comics, and how some of the old vets stack up their later comic book counterparts. Cast your votes in Wikia's latest edition of Face Off!

Voting ends on "date that Lesley tells me to put here." Debate your picks in the comments! Be sure to check back on "other date that Lesley tells me to put here" to see the final results.

Amanda Waller vs. Frank "Sgt." Rock

Captain Boomerang vs. Count Vertigo

Deadshot vs. Bane

El Diablo vs. Killer Frost

Enchantress vs. Nightshade

Harley Quinn vs. Poison Ivy

Joker vs. Black Manta

Katana vs. Vixen

Killer Croc vs. King Shark

Rick Flag vs. Bronze Tiger

Slipknot vs. Nemesis

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