Funniest Moments of Seinfeld

To celebrate the Festivus season, and also all nine seasons of Seinfeld now streaming on Hulu, we're doing a special event for the community! We're asking you, the biggest Seinfeld fans, to help us create a list of the funniest moments from the show. Tell us the moments in Seinfeld history that made you laugh the hardest, and we'll pick the best submissions for our Top 10 article.

Leave a comment below with your choice for the funniest moment. When the submissions period is over we will pick the 10 best comments and highlight them in an article. Bonus points if you have an image or animated GIF to go along with your choice!

Here's an example of an ideal submission! Explain what happened, try to include an image or GIF if you can, and do your best to list the episode if you can remember it.

I laughed the hardest when George, Jerry, and Kramer met their Bizarro doppelgangers in The Bizarro Jerry.

Seinfeld Doppelgangers

Check back on December 23 for the final Fan Facts list to see if your submission made the cut!

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